"Thea Ellen is an avid photographer, she was born in Montana but has lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past 25 years. Thea became hooked on photography after taking a photography class in high school. She got the chance to work with a professional photographer behind the scenes in 2006. Her love for the art brought her from the backroom to behind the lens and a partnership was formed as well as in 2008, SpecMouse Studio. Weddings, events and portraits were the main focus of the business and allowed Thea Ellen to hone her talent. While still working in that area, her love for the outdoors and fine eye to detail has allowed her to branch out into outdoor and nature photography as well as her current passion of using found objects as her subjects. To Thea, photography is a form of communication, her way of showing the world to the rest of us through her eyes, in minute detail. Things we would pass by if not for her photography, a forgotten toy, a chess piece, a small piece of life gone by…..

Thea’s work has been seen in the Clackamas County Arts Alliance’s PGE Power House show for the last 4 years. Her most popular work has been with the Estacada Festival of the Fungus, showing in the newspaper and on a Mycologist's professional website! Her current work has been "Small Town Insomnia" a portrait of a small town after dark."